Hotel owner secretly filmed guests (clone 1338511654)
Hotel owner secretly filmed guests (clone 1338511654)

The owner of a seaside hotel in Britain hid sensitive night vision cameras inside the rooms' alarm clocks so he could watch his guests' nighttime antics.

Jonathan Waugh, 52, has been found guilty of installing tiny cameras in the alarm clocks and watching them on a wide screen TV from the luxury of his own home.

Waugh, a former broadcast engineer and self-confessed porn addict, was busted when a guest discovered the camera in his room.

Prosecutor Richard Gent told the court the guest, who is a former investigator, was taken to bed after falling ill.

Lying in bed, he noticed something unusual about the clock and found a small memory card inside.

The guest took the clock to a local police station and Mr Waugh immediately confessed, saying he had been a porn addict since his twenties.

Waugh admitted to watching couples' sexual activities in his hotel over a period of 13 months for his own sexual gratification.

His lawyer say he's seeking help for his addiction after being caught out over "disgusting and depraved" actions.

He has been sentenced to 12 months jail and will be a registered sex offender for the next decade.

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