Eastland reaches out to the Pacific Ocean, and is the first place in the main islands of New Zealand to see the sun each day.

There's a wonderfully fresh quality to the scenery of Eastland. Here you'll find bush-fringed misty mountain lakes, beaches that have hardly changed for hundreds of years, farmland and vineyards that breathe the spirit of nature.

Maori culture is evident in every small town - carved meeting houses, women preparing a hangi, children riding horses, men diving for mussels and crayfish. The further you go, the more nature's bounty tempts - camping, diving, fishing, hunting, swimming and surfing opportunities abound.

There are many interesting and beautiful walks within the region, but one of the most stunning areas for hiking and trekking is in the Te Urewera National Parkthe third largest national park and the largest untouched native forest in New Zealand. Soft adventure, such as horse trekking, is another way to experience the magic of Eastland.