Finding ways to make basic airplane seats comfortable is the holy grail of travel design. And it’s as elusive. But Airbus has just filed a patent that might take us one step closer… or not. …

The Flinders National Park in South Australia's far north is set to be renamed to reflect its significance as an Aboriginal meeting place.

The Star Entertainment Group plans to build another hotel tower at its Gold Coast property, lifting its total new investment there to around $850 million.

US vintners want to turn Cuba, an island of sweet rum and flat state-brewed beer, into a haven for California's best wines.

Big blue skies and long dusty roads set the scene for a journey through the geological wonder that is the Flinders Ranges.

Trump has his eyes on Washington DC one way or another with Trump International Hotel set to openi in the Capitol in September – two months before Americans head to the polls to elect a new leader.